• BlackRoads

    Just another party where the people wanna dance alone
    everybody's trying to have some fun
    neonlights are buzzing round my head
    i feel the sense of me
    the sublime after-glow of inner peace
    Just a tiny point lost in the universe
    shaky on my knees
    your turn me on, oh my! I still have a body
    i come to see the world inside
    where i won't feel the breeze
    but there's one thing i don't believe in
    and it's you
    'cause i feel like i'm nothing in the world

    maybe chemicals are losing
    are losing you

    somewhere in my head there is a little crack
    the painful track of what i could have done before you came along
    a strange regret is what i get
    the tables are turned
    we're all gonna burn
    i breathe no air
    & everyone is there
    for me

    If only i could see please let me see again
    when trouble comes i know for sure
    the distance in your eye
    i should be on your side
    & you're cold cold like death
    i opened the door
    this time
    let us shine

    MudFlow "Chemicals"

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